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I am signed up with sharebuilder.  I will sell a stock today and it will give me a notice that the stock sale went through tomorrow.

Is there a platform out there that will give me sell action if not immediately atleast in an hour...

Keep in mind I am just starting out...

Hi Norman,

I have never used Sharebuilder, but to my knowledge it is a basic brokerage option for traders that are more interested in buying and holding.

MOST brokerages will give you notice of shares bought or sold within seconds of a fill, not days. The exception might be with OTC stocks (penny stocks) or something not listed on a major exchange.

If you Google Sharebuilder you can see reviews and see if the pros outweigh the cons, and determine if Sharebuilder is appropriate for your goals as a trader.

Here are a few other brokerages you might take a look at that would give you more timely execution:

Interactive Brokers
TD Ameritrade

Hope this helps!

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