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QUESTION: When marlena killed Alice with the donuts and it shows Alice and Toms spirit getting back together and the scene in the kitchen where Alice talks to Tom did they have Frances to do those scene in one day? I heard that told the writers to write her death in. because she was getting in bad health.

ANSWER: Hi Debbie. Frances was still in good health then. She did the scenes in one day. Alice was never being written off. They knew by then that they'd be bringing everyone else back who had been "killed" off earlier in the year.   Jason

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QUESTION: I read that Frances told the writers to write in her death cause at this time she was in bad health it read is this true. In the kitchen scene I noticed she walked with a walker and why was that did She have a stroke in real life? Sorry I am so much a Alice fan. Also Ken said when the kitchen scene was being taped Alice was suppose to be talking to a empty chair as if Tom was there. The scene that it showed Alice looking up. So was this two diferent times

Hi Debbie. I don't remember reading that Frances wanted Alice to die, if you can point me to the article, I can check it out.

Frances had a stroke while she was on a safari in Africa in 1994. She needed assistance in walking ever since then.

I noticed you said in your "feedback" of me that other "experts" can't or won't answer your questions, but sometimes it's not our fault. We are experts in the sense that we know a lot about the show, but we don't know EVERY little detail about the show. No one does. It's been on the air for 47 years. I only started watching in 1990, so my memories of the show really are only of the past 22 years. I never got a chance to see the episodes from the 1960s or 1970s. I've done a ton of research on the show, so that's how I know some of the stuff from the early years, but I don't know everything about the show!!

I can always try and answer your questions to the best of my ability, but just realize that I do not know (nor do I know anyone who knows) every single thing about Days or Frances!!   Thanks, Jason  

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