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Hi. I was wondering if there was a time when Days showed more rooms in the Dimera mansion.  Especially in the late 80's & during the 90''s a shame we only get to see one all purpose room.
Thank you.

Hi Nancy. Most of the drama has usually taken place in the living room/foyer that is shown today. Downstairs, for the big Kristen/Susan storyline in 1997, there was a "secret room" built next to the wine cellar (where Kristen & Marlena were held prisoner), so that set was seen quite often that year. Through the years, the bedrooms have been shown, just as they are from time to time today (EJ/Sami has one now, as do Kristen/Brady). There's an outdoor garden next to the living room that was seen for some weddings. That's about it though. There's never been a dining room or kitchen or anything like that shown on the first floor. The one extra room they showed last year was Stefano's Study, the room where "the fake" Stefano that Ian hired was shot and killed (when everyone thought it was actually Stefano who had died).

The DiMeras first moved into this mansion in 1993. It was originally owned by Shane & Kimberly Donovan. When they lived there in the early 1990s, you would quite often see the Shane's Study/Communications Room set, where Shane would get his secret ISA missions in. But they haven't shown that set since the DiMeras moved in.

Hope that helps!  Jason  

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