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QUESTION: who else has the vidoe of Sami? Was it Adrienne???

ANSWER: Hi Lori. I think Sonny's phone has it, and perhaps Adrienne too. I know that Chad "synched up" his phone with Sonny's at the coffee house, so the video was transferred to Sonny's phone...perhaps Adrienne will accidentally see it too.


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QUESTION: someone synched their phone with Sonny at the coffee shop after Chad gave Sonny the video, I could not remember who???

Hi Lori.

Just looked up the episode was Adrienne who got it, but in Will's Hospital Room, not the Coffee Shop:

Here's from the June 5 synopsis: "Will sleeps. Adrienne is holding Arianna. Sonny - You should see her with Will. She knows him; you can totally see that. I have a video. He pulls out his phone. Adrienne - Put it on my phone, I'll look at it later. You're so happy. Sonny - Of course I am. I mean, look at her. Adrienne - I know but you know this isn't going to be easy. Sonny - I get that but I love Will and I already love this little girl so even if it's hard, I know it will be worth it."

So Adrienne does have it on her phone. I guess Adrienne will see the video soon, and who knows what will happen to Sami then?!


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