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Immediately after Bernardi's body was taken down to the hospital mortuary for an autopsy, an envelope, with something in it, came back up to the nurses' station.  It was sent up by one of the doctors who was doing the autopsy.  That docter thought thought that Kayla "would definitely want to see what was found in on Bernardi."  Kayla looked stunned when she looked inside the envelope; absolutely shocked.

Then we never heard one more thing to explain what was in the envelope.  It was never mentioned or referred to again.

So what was that about?


PS: I have watched DOOL since December of 1966!

PPS.  If Bernardi was really going to cut off Rafe' ding dong, why did he swing his razor in a big arc high above his head.  Additionally, why didn't he have some sort of container to place it in?  He couldn't possibly have thought he could just walk out of Rafe's room with a ding dong in his hand!  I think someone else' dingy, someone already deceased, was in the envelope and Bernardi was going to pretend to Stefano that it was Rafe's.  I think he was going to cut Rafe a little bit with the razor and then smear his blood on the dingy he already had.

No.  I am not crazy.

Hi Lois...Wow, since 1966 huh? Congrats on being such a long-time fan!!

I do remember that envelope you are talking about. My best guess is maybe it was his driver's license or cop badge or something that would alert Kayla to the fact that the man Sami shot was a cop.

As for Bernardi's "high arc", that was most likely for dramatic reasons, to show him about to do the deed...until Sami shoots him dead.

Sorry it took a few days to respond back, but your email ended up in my spam folder.

All the best, Jason

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