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Hi! I have so enjoyed the presentation of the relationship between Will and Sonny! They should be a true inspiration to all of us in what, in effect, is reality as is happening in today's world. I am also glad that in this day and age same-sex relationships are being presented factually and in a decent manner unlike the older days when they tended to present Gays in comedic fashion which was very denigrating. With 19 states in the U.S.A. now allowing for Gay Marriage and 59% of Americans including religious people now approving of it, do you foresee more Gay and Lesbian characters appearing in Days of Our Lives? It is also great that the studio is not presenting the 'religious right' as interfering with their bombastic rhetoric and inappropriate Biblical Scriptures that do not speak to same-sex oriented individuals but to something else.

Do you feel it will stay that way or will the intrusive, intolerant, egregious and discriminatory prejudices of the past pop their ugly head up and re-emerge in upcoming episodes? Thank you.

I have e-mailed you this question before but you did not answer. Allexperts then advised me to re-mail it to you which I did and still no response. If I do not hear again from you this time around I will contact them further to see if you are still on Allexperts answering questions and why your hesitation on answering this one.

This is the first e-mail I have received from you.  Since I am a christian, and believe every word that is written in the Bible, including homosexuality being a sin, you will probably not want my answer. I also think this site is set up for information, not opinions.

Any ? you might have referring to the history of the show, I will glad to answer.

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