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now a day I am very confused regarding the problem of my younger daughter Baby Mushata Samreen , have an age only 14 months due to Deaf suggest in accordance by the  test report of BERA  , but we are very confused , because some time it feel by her attitude that she is giving response. what can we do , we have got an advice in view of the BERA Test. but the doctor give his Operation Package by PKRS 25,00,000.00 . unaffordable by us . but when I say that It  can't be possible to arrange this huge money , then Doctor suggest a syrup "TERVE"  for long period ,  we are waiting for some miracle of God .  treatment can be possible without Operation that she can hear ?

no one are Deaf and Dumb entire my and my wife families , and also not my own 03 children


Dear Amir,

If your daughter seems to be responding to sounds, I would recommend doing the BERA again, perhaps at a different location.

I am not certain that you are referring to the cost of a Cochlear Implant.  Perhaps there is insurance that will pay for it. Check that out.

Also, depending on the amount of hearing loss it may be possible that hearing aids can be sufficient.

All of this should be discussed with a professional who is familiar with the nature and extent  of your daughter's hearing loss, and is knowledgeable about funding from insurance or government programs.


Levi A. Reiter, Ph.D.

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