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Hello I am. 26 Female.

I am typing on my phone please excuse typos. No internet access.

I am worried I will develop otosclerosis. Many relatives on my dad side has this disease. Including dad, paternal grandfather, 3 aunts, 3 cousins.

I would like to know how I can have this diagnosed or treated and when I should do this. One cousin developed this problem as a teenager (she isi i33 now)

I have trouble hearing low tone noises. Such as a man with a deep voice speaking quietly. Or quiet bass instruments in music. I also have symptoms of vertigo that doctors dismiss as medication side effects.

please some advice thank you

Dear Kayla,

Otosclerosis usually begins with a low frequency hearing loss as you describe.  This occurs because the tiny middle ear bones become stiff-- which depresses hearing in the low tones, e.g. a man with a deep voice or a quiet bass instrument as you yourself indicated.  However, the vertigo you are experiencing
suggests  the possibilty of another disorder which also depresses the lower frequencies and is accompanied by periods of vertigo. This is a disorder of the balance mechanism. The diagnosis is easy once certain basic tests are done. However, with  your family history of otosclerosis, otosclerosis is likey to be the diagnosis.

My advice is to see an audiologist, who will do the tests.  This will tell you whether you have the beginnings of otosclerosis.  I would then take the tests to an ENT to see what the next step should be.

If indeed it is otosclerosis, there are treatment options, but these will require an ENT visit.
I wish you the best, please let me know the outcome of your visits.

Levi A. Reiter, Ph.D.

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