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my left ear has wax stuck in it.i used a q-tip and my wax got stuck.its been like this for about almost a month!i brought debrox ear wax removal drops but it didn't work.i did get that bubbly feeling but my ear wax is still stuck.i have tried the salt and water treatment too.but it didn't help either.and it doesn't hurt but i cant hear as well.but my ear is not totally deaf.and if i go to the doctor it will cost me alot because i don't have insurance.


It can take a few weeks to get wax out if you are doing it yourself and the wax was very impacted, hard and deep.  You can put a little oil in your ear at night (mineral oil, olive oil or tea tree oil) and put a cotton ball in your ear to hold the oil in.  Do this for a few nights to soften the wax and then flush with warm water mixed with hydrogen peroxide.  Half and half solution.

Again, this may take a few attempts to get it all out.  Be gentle when flushing the ear so you don't damage the eardrum. If you are gentle this is a safe method for self cleaning your ears.

Thank you for your question.

Kelley Linton, AuD.

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