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I've experienced 2 episodes with very definitive beginnings and endings, plus (now...ongoing) a third situation with MOST of the same symptoms as before. My GP is of no help. In fact; he ordered a MRI of my brain with a special focus on my left ear and never conveyed the test results. I ended up going to the hospital myself to obtain the written report and a copy of the MRI on CD.

In the past, I've seen a neurosurgeon regarding a loss of feeling in my legs/hands. That physician lists "neurotology" as one of his areas of expertise. Apparently that term is somewhat rare as it sometimes generates a spell check. The term ENT is the more common specialty for physicians who deal with ear related issues.

I'm confused as to which specialty I should seek out for my symptoms which include: temporary hearing loss (first 2 episodes), vertigo, loss of balance, dizziness.


Jim Carter

Dear Jim,

I think that the symptoms you have been experiencing are beyond the scope of a Neuro-otologist, ENT or  GP.  

If the only symptoms you had were vertigo, temporary hearing loss and balance difficulties, then an ENT plus a good audiologist would be the right combination.

However, the loss of feeling in your hands and feet-- if connected with your hearing and balance symptoms may represent one of the conditions that a "Neurologist" is best suited to evaluate.  This is because there are disorders that include all the symptoms you describe, and there are not in the province of the "ear doc".

My recommendation would be to see a well recommended "neurologist" who may indeed take a new MRI, but will know precisely what he is looking for in that MRI.

Please follow up on this and let me know the outcome.  In the meantime, I hope this answer helps you, and that you experience a full recovery.


Dr. Levi Reiter

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