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Hello I have severe hearing loss in both ears still can hear out of my right one my question is I also have severe tinnitus like tea kettles 24/7 and sound sensitivity iron use sound masking to try to sleep other than meds like ambient etc is there a good OTC something that my help me sleep hearing loss is terrible by the tinnitus and sound sensitivity is much worse as I know there's no cure for I'm young loss hearing from explosion just if you know anything for help with sleep thank you

Dear Mick,

If I understood your question correctly, your severe tinnitus does not allow you to sleep.  You also have excessive sound sensitivity and thus cannot use a masking device for your tinnitus.  You would like to find an over-the-counter product which would help you to get some sleep at night.   

I wish I could be of help here. As far as OTC sleep meds, this is not my field, but perhaps someone in alternative medicine can provide some solution.  

You might want to look into a company called "Arches Tinnitus Formula".  They are on the web, and have various non-prescription products that aim at reducing tinnitus as well as stress.  This is not a recommendation based on my experience with the products, but their reputation is backed by Dr. Michael Seidman-- a well respected ENT physician and researcher.

I wish you well and hope you find the solution to help you sleep peacefully.


Levi Reiter, Ph.D.

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