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QUESTION: Hi . I am recovering from sshl fortunately going well.I was prescribed Opatanol eye drops for allergy. Is it safe???I am sick with worry it might be ototoxic..I have been using it nearly 4 days now. I am on betahistine tablets 3xday.please urgent

ANSWER: Dear Tonia,

You say that you are recovering from SSHL.  Since you have been taking "betahistine" it sounds like you are recovering from an episode of SSHL and perhaps dizziness (vertigo) from Meniere's syndrome.

The Opatanol eye drops is an anti-histamine and does not-- to my knowledge-- have any "Ototoxic" properties.

It's a good sign that your hearing is improving, and I don't see any reason to be concerned about taking Opatanol.

I hope this helps to relieve your worry.


Levi A. Reiter, Ph.D.

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QUESTION: Thks!is it possible opatanol makes me slight dizzy(not lightheaded nor spinning )just like when y have a headache .should I stop the med? Should I just wait till allergy goes away on its own?

ANSWER: Dear Tonia,

You describe your symptom as a "headache". Yes, in about 10% of the population, Opatanol has been related to headache.  The headaches are usually mild and not associated with vertigo or dizziness.

As to whether to stop taking Opatanol, I would consult with your physician or allergist since they are familiar with your case.

I hope this has been helpful.

Levi A. Reiter, Ph.D.

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QUESTION: I never had vertigo not even before sshl or during sshl treatment!!is it poss Meniere without vertigo/vomit etc?

I perhaps incorrectly assumed "Menieres" because (a) betahistine is used to treat menieres, and (b) Menieres is one of the few sshl (snhl) that improves-- as you described.

Normally, Menieres is accompanied by vertigo, tinnitus, and fluctuating snhl.  However there is a form of Menieres (cochlear hydrops) in which the hearing aspects are present, bu not the vestibular, thus no dizziness, no nausea.

Levi A. Reiter, Ph.D.

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