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QUESTION: hi I am deaf left ear and suffered sshearing loss in right ear 4.5 months ago.

as a result I try to be very careful of noises but sometimes things happen unexpectadly.

this afternoon I was in a part of my home and doing some chores. I wore earmuffs and the door was closed .one of my kids slammed the door of his room which is about 10 meters away from where i was. I heard it a bit but more I sort of "felt" it through the door of where I was . do you think it was enough to damage my hearing?? I am so sad as I try to do my best to avoid all noises but I dont think its possible . Please reply.

ANSWER: Dear Tonia,

My advice is to get your hearing checked ASAP, and have the audiologist compare the results with your previous hearing test.  I doubt that there will be a difference if the door was slammed at a distance of 10 meters which is quite far.  However; if the hearing did decrease as a result of the loud bang, then your ENT may be able to prescribe treatment.

I really do not think there is great cause for concern, but the sooner you follow through with this advice, the better it will be for you, and the less you will have to worry.

I hope to hear good news from you.


Dr. Levi A. Reiter

P.S.  You are correct in trying to avoid excessively loud noises.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I have not noticed a decrease in hearing and of course life is unpredictable!should I visit the doc everytime there is a louder noise?should I go now?

Dear Tonia,

Truly the only reasonable advice I can responsibly offer is that if the "loud" noise bothers you in any physical way, e.g., causes Tinnitus, or ear pain, or any physical manifestation, then I would go.

The odds are that you may be visiting the Doc more frequently than necessary; however if you are troubled by the noise or suspect that some additional hearing difficulty has occurred, then go.  

If you have an ear doc that you trust, then I would put your question to him/her.


Dr. Levi A. Reiter

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