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About a day and a half ago, I went to my first concert that was relatively loud. It was a small venue, so I ended up being relatively close to the speakers. Since then, my left ear has been constantly ringing. As a seventeen year old male, this is the first time this has happened to me. Do people normally recover from noise-induced tinnitus? If so, in about how long? Is there anything I can do to speed up recovery? Thank you.


Tinnitus is often the sign that your ears have been exposed to dangerously loud sounds and potentially will suffer permanent hearing damage.  
It sounds like you were around dangerously loud sounds from what you have described. The ear will possible recover or it may be left with permanent damage.  If often takes several weeks before you know if the damage is permanent.  One thing to try is see if your doctor or ENT will prescribe a round of steroids for you to take orally.  This is the only thing we have seen work on occasion in the past.  The steroid just gives the auditory nerve more strength to recover if it can.  This doesn't always work, but sometimes it will lessen the amount of tinnitus and/or hearing loss.

Please wear hearing protection in these venue's from now on.  There is no regulation in the United States on sound intensity in music settings and many people suffer permanent damage from the loud exposure.  The are awesome custom ear plugs which are tiny and fit deep in the canal (can't be seen) and can be used for a lifetime.  Many even have filters so you can still hear your friends talking but not suffer the hearing damage.

Thank you for your question.  Kelley Linton, AuD  

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