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have been suffering from dizziness and balance problems I had A cats can that revealed that my brain was clear no mass or haemorrhage or abnormality, no fluid collection, normal pneumatisations of the middle ear cavity and mastoid air cells ,What does that mean? Ears appear normal
no petrous temporal soft tissue mass or bony distraction.Mild to moderate polyeoid inflammatory mucosal thickening in both maxillary sinuses significantly worse on the left minor mucosal thickening in the left sphenoid sinuses remaining paranasal sinuses clear
result no intercranial or petrous temporal abnormality demonstrated.
Now my question Years ago I was diagnosed by a cats can and Endoscope down nasal passages with sinus infection and polyps how do you tell the difference with polyps against nasal tumours I was ok until I googled nasal polyps and it said you cannot tell the difference with polyps or tumours now I am scared again .I suffer from health phobia ,My ears are ringing and buzzing and I feel sick, Could it be an ear virus, one doctor says ears are clear another Dr sees fluid yet another Doctor said it looks like I had a perforated ear drum that is healing, how can they all get different opinions by looking in my ear?
Can you reassure me, I think I will stay off Google search, smiling Thank you so much


Yes, Google search can be a little frightening sometimes!

Looking in the ears we look at the eardrum and see a shiny, somewhat transparent membrane (made of three very thin layers) that will have some landmarks and structures behind it.  The light and magnification we use to look will shine and reflect those landmarks.  We try to identify the landmarks that are actually on the other side of the it's like trying to see through a curtain at what's in the room behind the window.  I tell you all that so that you can get an idea why you will get so many different descriptions when doctors look in your ear.  Some may hold the light and see what they think is a repairing spot on the eardrum...some may see what they think is signs of fluid behind the drum...some may look and say all is clear (and really they may have never even seen all the way down the canal).  

If you are having dizziness, you have done the right thing by having a brain scan to rule out the serious conditions.  The more minor things may be a virus in the "inner ear", which can't be seen at all by looking in the ear.  If it is a virus then it has to run its course.  Meniere's disease is another possibility.  It also has the buzzing sounds in the ear with it.  Not really much treatment for this disease, but can cause some miserable dizziness.  An ENT would need to diagnose this and provide a treatment plan for you.
I can't speak much about nasal polyps....that is definitely out of my area.

Ultimately if the dizziness continues, I would seek an evaluation from an ENT and/or audiologist that specializes in balance disorders.  There are many treatments available that have been successful to help people live with balance problems.

Thank you for your question.

Kelley Linton, AuD
Doctor of Audiology

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