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This is a very off the wall question. I've been hearing a faint crackling noise from inside my car since I bought it a year ago. It sounds like it's coming from the passenger door handle area and even though it's very faint, it is there most of the time and drives me nuts. Nothing is actually loose, so I can only guess it is due to atmospheric factors, like temperature, humidity, etc. Here's the weird part. While I'm driving, if I lean my body/head to the center of the car (to hear exactly where it's coming from), I don't hear it at all! Bizarre I know. It's like magic, I'll hear it driving, then lean over and no sound at all. I obviously can't drive around leaning to the right, but I can't for the life of me figure out why I hear it while sitting normally in the driver's seat, but not when I lean over. Before you click 'but this is outside my expertise,' if you can provide any idea or insight as to what is going on, anything at all, I would greatly appreciate it.


First thing I would do, is determine if it is your car or your ear.  Lean in other moving vehicles, have someone else listen in your car, vary the speed and see if the noise changes (indicating some type of air leak) or see if there is any way to replicate the condition in another environment besides your car.

If it's your car, I have nothing to offer.  If it's your ear, it will be related to middle ear pressure and Eustachian tube function.  Maybe allergy problems or some type of pathology which should be checked by an ENT.

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