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Help. I have an embarrassing situation. Some how I have gotten ear mites I think. I can hear/feel SOMETHING moving around in my ear. It is itching so bad down inside the canal. I've been itching and digging at my ears my ears are hurting and sore.

I feel so embarrassed to go to the doctor. will they think I'm disgusting and dirty???

I've been putting mineral oil in my ear like I would do for a cat or dog.


First of all....there isn't much you can present with at an ear doctor that they haven't seen before, so no need to be embarrassed to go to the doctor, ever!

It is unlikely that you have "ear mites" but could possibly have an ear fungus.  The skin in our ear canal grows and causes oil, debris, wax and skin to move around and we "hear" this movement at times and think it is something moving in our ear.  Fungus is horribly itchy and can cause you to dig and scratch and irritate your ears even more.  

Mineral oil is perfectly safe and a good treatment.  If that isn't stopping the problem, then you can try a hydrocortizone cream or triple antibiotic cream and swab in the canal to try to kill any bacteria and stop the itching.  If, after a few days you still don't have any relief and feel there is something moving in your ear, then please see an ENT.  I would recommend going straight to the ENT because most other physicians will want to start with the antibiotic cream or oil again....the ENT will be more aggressive at identifying what the problem is.

Thank you for your question.

Kelley Linton, AuD
Doctor of Audiology

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