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My mother is 91 and hard of hearing. I live out of state so talk to her only by phone. To make things complicated, her phone sometimes has a bad connection, so I don't know if this is a hearing issue or a phone issue... After a few minutes of talking to her, she's not hearing the other person. I will yell 'can you hear me?' and she says barely, your voice sounds far away, like it's fading in and out.' Is that a common symptom of hearing loss? Or would it be more consistent? Because like I said, she seems to hear my voice fine in the beginning of the conversation, then says it fades. So I don't know if it's her hearing that's the issue or the phone. Any feedback is appreciated.

What you are describing does not sound like a hearing problem.  I would suspect, on the simple end, a phone problem or, worst case scenario, a cognition problem with your mom.
It really sounds like a phone issue.
If you check the phone out  and find nothing wrong, then I would investigate cognition and her ability to stay on task with a conversation and attention.  I would have her hearing checked as well.  Sometimes it is good to talk with others around her to see if they feel she is slipping in her ability to stay with a conversation.

Thank you for your question.
Kelley Linton, AuD
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Deafness/Hearing Impairment

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