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Barbara (Jean) Chapman Trice wrote at 2013-07-01 02:25:50
I was raised by a hearing father & deaf mother. My sister & I both can hear fine. I have hearing & deaf relatives throughout both sides of my family. Most of our socializing was with the deaf community. And that was fine with me. Because we had softball leagues, bowling leagues and a bunch of us went camping a lot together every summer. I loved it and it gave me great childhood memories. Both of my parents are gone now, but I will always cherish those memories with deaf friends & family. In fact one hearing daughter of deaf parents & I are still close friends.

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I can answer nearly any questions concerning deaf education, cochlear implants, American Sign Language, the deaf community as a culture, and more.


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I was born deaf to deaf parents and grew up interacting with two hearing siblings. I am fluent in American Sign Language in addition to achieving a high level of proficiency in written English. I?ve been students of numerous schools of different types ranging from commuting daily to a public school accompanied by sign language interpreter most of the time to residing at far flung institutions (Uncle Sam-funded boarding schools for the deaf) away from my family for extended periods of time. I?ve also been a student of Gallaudet University, commonly acknowledged as the center of the culturally deaf world boasting perhaps the largest concentration of American Sign Language users in the United States. As a candidate for a cochlear implant, I can also tell you the basic facts about this technology and just why it is being viewed as a hot and controversial issue in the Deaf community. This might as well determine the future of the ?D?eaf culture. For better or worse is what is being heatedly debated.

I?m 19 years old male college student who decided to join up on this site to help others better understand the deaf community. I certainly won?t blow my own horn by labeling myself as an ?expert.? I prefer to think of myself as an ?insider? who just happens to know a lot about the deaf community in general. Many deaf people would say that you ?have to be Deaf to understand.? Well, I do understand for I am/was Deaf myself and hope to help the hearing world understand the deaf community in name of promoting better understanding and relations.

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