How to Deal with Bullies/Bullying/Past Bullying


Mel wrote at 2013-10-28 02:13:47
There is a type of organized bullying called gangstalking and it goes on throughout a victim's entire life and even police and firemen do the bullying as well as clerks in city hall and social services, even librarians, landlords, neighbors, etc.

How to Deal with Bullies/Bullying

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I can help you in anything you want from online, physical, verbal, and any other type of bullying you are going through. I will be able to support you and encourage you all the way until you overcome your problem, because I know exactly how you feel. I will never judge you and will try and give you the best advice possible. LISTEN: I might even be able to provide a pen-pal for those of you that are feeling lonely, and together we could work on building your self-esteem back up. Just ask me if you'd like that sort of day-to-day counselling, and I'll be available.


I have been trained by a school counsellor in how to advise children who are being bullied, have supported children with bullying problems, and have experienced it myself.

I passed my English and French GCSE's at the age of twelve with A*s and am fluent in both those languages; I have an IQ of 143.

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