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hi I'm a pretty normal girl in 7th gread , there's 3 girl in my school that bully me. I seat in the same table as them because my friends are there 2 . They are alway looking for little things to pick on me . Like today I was in lunch line and she was talking to someone , so I went in front of her , she said .. Bi!ch why you cutting me fo yo ugli as needs to go some wear so I told her something smart (don't remember) when we got back to our table she told the other 2 girls so they started talking about me  .. They also make people don't like me , right now my best friend ( knew her for 3 years) she's mad at me because they told her something about me . N one of the girl always tells me that she is going to punch me if I say something to her. I'm tierd of this I  have allot of problems in my life . I alway tried cuaside but I .never have the guts to actually do it.... What should I do n how can i make this drama stop !?

Hello Cassandra,

As a start, you need to remember that what these girls tell you is not so, and never forget that.  If the girls have been slandering you, and you are being harassed, you need to tell a teacher.  If the teacher does not take steps to fix the problem, then go to the principal.  In terms of your relationship with those involved, remember what you can and cannot control.  They will always have their own opinion, however, I think that maybe they were not  a good fit for you, if they were so easily lured into turning against you.  I would encourage you to look for new friends.  Do not worry either, whether or not who you hang out with is popular or not.  Friends are simply people you are able to relate to, share good times with, and both of you lending a helping hand when needed.  Regardless of what the crowd you mentioned thinks of you, you cannot control their thoughts, however, their behavior is something that an authority figure should be able to force them to stop.  I think accomplishing that should be within your reach.

All the best,

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