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My son went to kindergarten last year. He once came home crying because a teacher didn't give him a permission slip to go to cheerleading camp. I had promised he could go and even had money waiting. I called the school to ask about the permission slip and if I could pick up the paper work. The principal had called me and stated he was "concerned about the other kids picking on my son" I told him not to worry about that because some of his best friends were on the squad and I was sure he would fit in. I again asked for the permission slip and the principal refused to give me one because he was concerned about my son "being in a confused state of sexuality" he said that he felt like my son should concentrate on the "young men's athletic activities."

To clarify I asked if the principal was possibly mistaken about whether he thought my son was gay. I explained that to my knowledge a childs "sexuality" didn't develope until they were pubescent. The principal ended the conversation and sent the permission slip the day AFTER the slip was due and then said my son couldn't join because he was too late! I was mad but I joined a gym and let it go. After that my son was constantly in trouble with his teachers and the principal. He was even suspended from a field trip over something NO ONE saw him do! (I asked the other moms a few life guards and two of the teachers that were there. Everyone said they saw nothing. His teacher wasn't sure why he was in trouble because my son was the nicest boy in class. So I asked who was so mad if no one was sending him to the principal. Apparently the gym teacher felt my son was goofing off because my 6 year old had a "feminine run" I again asked if there was a problem with my son running during a lesson. The coach TOLD him to run so the boy ran. The gym teacher and coach are both male and antagonistic toward my son last year. Should I get a lawyer this year if I have similar problems? Could this be my over reacting or being defensive?

It sounded like they called my kid gay and they discriminated against a boy playing what they felt was a girl sport. Am I wrong in thinking sex discrimination or does it not apply to 6 year old boys?

Thank you for your time.

Sorry you and your son are being treated with disrespect.  From what you told me, I think that what the principal has done would qualify as something you could treat as harassment.  At this point, I would not continue to try to get the principal to give permission; I would go to his boss.  If your son attends public school, I would talk to the head of the school board, and find out who to take it up with; if he attends private school, find out who the principal's boss is, and report to that individual.  The principal has crossed boundaries in many respects.  The camp did not have any set rules of who could attend, so that is cleared, and it is not up to the principal.  I hope this helps you.

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