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Hi. My name is Sadia and im fourteen. I have a feminine moustache and a lot of boys bully me about it and always tell me to shave it. When i thread it they laugh and say ooh she shaved it off. Like which path shall i go? I wanna crouch up n die. N teafhers would make it worse. aka snitch :( plz help

Hi Sadia,
In terms of what to do about the mustache itself, that is entirely up to you.  However, if you are being harassed that is a bigger problem.  Speak with a teacher, or other authority.  Explain the problem, and say you want the bullies to back away, and not to speak to you if that is what they have to say.  Let your parents know as well; maybe they could speak to somebody for you.
All the best,

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I can give advice for how to deal with bullies, in nearly any situation, as well as how to solve the problem.


I was a major victim on the receiving end of bullying when I was in grade school. I have learned from experience what does and does not work to stop bullying.

I have a Bachelor's degree, majoring in Speech Communication, and a minor in Philosophy. I am hoping to go on to receive my Master's degree in Physician's Assisting.

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