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QUESTION: What would happen when students make fun of a US born girl because she is a perception foreigner? Reason she is born in the United States but every body thinks she is born in her motherís native country Belgium and it is impossible for any body to tell that she is born in the United States (that is what adult European man tell her, that she likes), and she only speaks Dutch to her mother. That is because her mother raises her the same way she is raised. She is the best-behaved child of the entire school, and can speak/read/write English better than most American children. She gets along fine with the staff of the school, but does not get along well with the other students, 100 percent the fault of the other students. Every body knows that she has dual Belgium/US nationality.

Would you discipline (punish) students that bully her?  Would you take steps to protect the child, such as making sure she is always with an adult? Reason other students are not likely to hurt her (bully her) is she is with an adult staff member, because they will get in trouble.


I would definitely discipline the students that bully her.  These students need to learn that bullying someone because they are different is wrong!  I would definitely make sure she is with an adult at all times to avoid any further harassment.  She deserves a safe place to get an education.  I would also tell the bullies' parents what is going on and how their child is behaving.   

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QUESTION: Can such a child still do very well in school, if the adult staff members take certain measures to protect her, and punish every body that bully her?


Absolutely!  However, as I said earlier, I would contact the parents of the bullies and let them know how their children are behaving.  Let them know that this behavior has got to stop otherwise you are going to the Principal of the School.  I would see how the bullies' parents handle the situation.  If they are argumentative or choose not to do anything, I would take it  to the Department of Education.  This type of behavior needs to stop before someone gets seriously hurt.

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The majority of bullies are very insecure and become bullies to make themselves feel better about themselves and in control of their surroundings. Fortunately, schools are taking bullying more serious than they used too; however, only after there were instances of innocent people being seriously hurt or even killed was this recognized as a problem. It is very important for victims to feel free to speak up and not feel ashamed; being bullied is not at all the victim's fault! Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. Every day should be joyful and happy!


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