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What would happen when students make fun of a US born girl because she is a perception foreigner? Reason she is born in the United States but every body thinks she is born in her motherís native country Belgium and it is impossible for any body to tell that she is born in the United States (that is what adult European man tell her, that she likes), and she only speaks Dutch to her mother. That is because her mother raises her the same way she is raised. She is the best-behaved child of the entire school, and can speak/read/write English better than most American children. She gets along fine with the staff of the school, but does not get along well with the other students, 100 percent the fault of the other students. Every body knows that she has dual Belgium/US nationality.

Would you discipline (punish) students that bully her?  Would you take steps to protect the child, such as making sure she is always with an adult? Reason other students are not likely to hurt her (bully her) is she is with an adult staff member, because they will get in trouble.

Yes, I would say it would be wise to punish students who bully her.  I think that the mother needs to step in, and let authorities know what is going on.  Has she done this?  If she has, I think at this point, if they cannot get the behaviors to stop, she should either transfer, if the girl is unhappy.  Or, if on the other hand, she is happy since she gets along with the staff, ask if there is some way she could be separated from students during unstructured times of the day.  I would encourage this girl to join something to expand her social life; maybe get involved at her church, or join a club with people she can share interests with, whom she can relate to, easily.  The most important thing to focus on is how happy she is, but I think she needs to know how to relate to people as well.

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