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I have a 7 year old girl who has been verbally and physically abused by a boy in her class. When she started school, she enrolled at a theater school at the weekend and another boy in her class was also interested so we became friends with the parents and shared taking them both on a saturday. My wife and I went along with the boys parents of trying to encourage a friendship between them as he didn't make friends easily and could not relate to the other boys. Over the last year, he's behaviour towards my daughter has changed and he says things to upset her and rescently started hitting her and the other day, tried to strangle her whilst the teachers were not looking. The boy's mother had had problems with my wife over conflict of interests with their work making the woman rant about her issues in front of her son. This had made him resentful and angry which made him take it out on my daughter. We tried to speak to the boy's mother about it all and she didn't believe it and even went to the school to try and justify his actions. She even told us lies about what the teacher had said, implying that my daughter had been telling tales. She has been trying to stop us going to see the teacher and suggesting joint meetings to prevent us hearing the truth. Anyway, we saw the teacher and they appologised for not taking her seriously and questioned the boy who admitted his actions. We have asked the school to observe the situation although the boy's mother will not accept any responsibility and is more concerned about her new fitness company than dealing with her son. I also found out that another parent had made a complaint about this boy for bullying their daughter. We now try and avoid any contact and have changed the day that she attends theater school. I'm concerned that the boy will continue to act on his mothers resentments and continue to hurt my child. Is there anything else I could do to safe guard her? How should I deal with the boy's mother in the play ground when I collect my daughter?

Many thanks

Hi Andy,

I think the steps you have taken are a good start, and hopefully this can be laid to rest soon. However, I might suggest telling the principal, in addition. It may help the teacher to have some extra hands and feet, in order to end the problem. In terms of the boy's mother, I would say try to avoid speaking to her. I would not recommend breaking the ice, and opening up a conversation with her. If she tries to interact with you, try not to answer any of her questions in more than three words, and do not pursue conversations. Most of the time, people drop it when they cannot get the rise they were hoping for, however, in the rare event that the behaviors would continue, then you may need to file complaints to get the mother to go away.

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