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Okay so me and my boyfriend are pretty serious. We've had some issues in the past where girls have texted him stuff about me and flirted with him which I think has caused me to be super jealous. I feel like I'm being too controlling and telling him not to talk to these girls but whenever he brings up something a girl did I just get angry and it makes me lash out at him which I don't mean to. But he's the same way. But I feel like I can't talk to any of my guy friends anymore since I've been dating him. And everytime I try and talk about it he says well I don't get to talk to girls so you can't talk to guys. But these guys are like my good friends or have girlfriends and the girls that talk to him are dirty or bad girls. And I don't want them around him. I feel too controlling. How can I help to control my jealousy or not get jealous. And how do I get him to not get so jealous?
Sincerely, A jealous girl ;)

Being aware of your jealousy issues is a first important step toward eliminating it.
Please read the article below for useful tips on overcoming jealousy that I believe apply to your situation. You might want to have your boyfriend read it to.



How to Deal with Jealousy/How to Make One Jealous

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I can answer questions regarding how to deal with one's own jealousy and how to deal with the jealosy of the partner / lover and how you can liberate yourself from this destructive emotion. Learn more about me and my work at


I overcome serious jealousy issues with conscious work and effort, and that was a very liberating experience. I also helped several people to abandon their jealous behavior and line of thinking.

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