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Hi Jennifer, My girlfriend(21) , and I(23), been together for 1 year and 3 months.

The issue I have is her best friend is a guy...and she tells him about the differences in our relationship. She said who else is she suppose to discuss this with, since that's what best friends are for. Am I wrong for wanting to keep things between us? Would it be better if she told her mother?

She lives near college and attends.

Hi Rj!
It seems like you two have been going out for a long time, which is a great thing! Your girlfriend should be respecting you by keeping some of things you two do or say to each other private. You are not wrong for wanting to keep things between the two of you. She is allowed to have a guy friend, but there should always be a limit between the two of them. They should not be discussing private matters that go on in your relationship. She should not be discussing anything like this to her mother, she should not be discussing it with anyone--period!You have to sit down and talk to her about how you don't feel comfortable about this situation. She should be understanding and thinking of keeping your relationship with her stable and strong. Email me back after you talk with her!~
         Best wishes,
         Jennifer K.

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