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I live with my fiancée in a house she bought before we started dating. We are buying a house together that we will move into in early January. We will be getting married in December.

She is about to list her house for sale. In hopes to avoid paying a realtor's commission, she posted pictures of the house on Facebook and announced that she hopes to sell it. Many of her friends don't know that she is even dating, much less that she is getting married. One of these friends asked her why she is selling her house. Her reply was "Jackie it is just too much for me. As a single woman. A big yard, a pool, a whole house. I need something smaller and more manageable, like a town house thingy. I don't know what I was thinking but it stresses me out; I am driven near to tears when the tiniest thing goes was silly for me to think I could do that house by myself."

I told her that I was offended by what she wrote. It seems like she's trying to send a message to her 900+ Facebook friends, or at least certain ones of them, that she is available. She says she meant that she was single when she bought the house. She has an English degree; she understands that the question was asked in the present tense. Her answer was written in the present tense. I say that she owes me an apology. What do you think?

Hi Wendell,
It seems like your fiancee has some issues that she has to solve out with you. I absolutely do think that she owes you an apology if she plans on spending the rest of her life with you. But the question is, are you willing to spend the rest of your life with her? She should not feel ashamed nor private about your relationship with her. How and when will she make the relationship status public when it comes your guys' wedding day? She shouldn't be hiding this to anyone. Also, in a way, she does sound like she's making herself available on facebook. Before you have any other contact with her, I suggest that you reevaluate this relationship's worth. If she continues this, you have every right to dump her and find someone who deserves you. You can email me back after you figure out everything.
         Best wishes,
         Jennifer K.

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I have volunteered at a psychiatric clinic, where I was able to assist in a program that deals with people who have issues such as jealousy. I was a program assistant who helped teens and young adults to overcome their thoughts of jealousy. I have also helped my fellow friends and close ones with dealing with jealousy. I have also worked at a private teen help hotline where I was able to help young teenagers with overcoming their jealousy problems.

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