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I just recently met someone new. In conversation, he was talking about how he ended a relationship with a former girlfriend that he lived with. He was talking and said "I love her but it wasn't working". I told him that I was afraid that he still loved her. He explained that he wanted me to know he didn't love anyone anymore. He didn't say it the right way that he meant he use to love her. He was reflecting back. However, I still feel insecure. I would never tell a mate that I love my ex. I don't understand this, if he didn't love anyone anymore why would he have said this. I do have a fear that when a man tells you that there is something they are still hanging onto. I find it hard to understand because I feel insecure about it. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jen.

  Did this person constantly tell you about his girlfriend and past relationship? If he only referred to it once, then things might be alright. However, if you suspicious acts going on,the only genuine way to solve this issue is to sit and talk with him. Tell him everything I told you, you should not feel embarrassed about this. If you do notice that he might be hiding shady stuff or talking to her behind your back, then you should automatically stop seeing him. You do not need to play all of these guessing games in your life. Try this and email me!~

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         Jennifer K.

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I have volunteered at a psychiatric clinic, where I was able to assist in a program that deals with people who have issues such as jealousy. I was a program assistant who helped teens and young adults to overcome their thoughts of jealousy. I have also helped my fellow friends and close ones with dealing with jealousy. I have also worked at a private teen help hotline where I was able to help young teenagers with overcoming their jealousy problems.

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