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How to Deal with Jealousy/How to Make One Jealous/Is his jealousy actually signs of mistrust?


Deb wrote at 2013-11-25 17:29:02
Jealously comes from not feeling confident. It is the result of a lack of self-esteem. It is also true that no one can make him feel jealous. Jealousy stems from him and is produced by him. Generally, no one can make you feel anything.Because he's insecure other men are a threat to you.can tell you that his behavior is inappropriate and can destroy a relationship. u  might tolerate his restrictions and jealousy for a short while but soon you' may come to resent him. Jealously is unhealthy and it is up to the person who is experiencing it to get help ;

Being aware of a problem affords you the opportunity to correct it.Why trust in a relationship is so vital to its success. For a lot of women, there is nothing worse than living with a jealous partner and in fact, one of the main principle in overcoming jealousy is to have trust in your relationship!A lot of men have trust issues in relationships and they feel that their partner cannot be trusted. They have a deep conviction that just anyone will be able to come along and steal their partner away and this causes them to lack trust in a relationship. Fortunately, this is largely a figment if their imagination. In fact, it’s common knowledge that not everyone has the same taste in women and that not every man will want his lady….After all, a woman wants a strong, healthy and jealous-free relationship just like he do.Imaginary scenarios develop in his head. He convinces himself she must not be happy and might be seeing someone else or is looking to replace him. This can cause him to snoop, to find that piece of evidence that proves he is right, and shows him that “Ahha! She IS cheating on me! She DOESN’T love me! It’s just like I thought!” In fact, what he is doing is creating his own relationship destroying story! He doesn’t know how to trust his partner and for reasons that are more self-reflective than reflective upon his partner – he does not WANT to trust his partner.Even when he finds nothing to be suspicious of he may think “She is just being really careful so I don’t find out” instead of considering the alternative, “I was wrong, everything is okay.” Some men will continue to display jealous behavior either by questioning her, pouting, being overly clingy, being controlling, and/or making negative or satire comments to her about her not wanting to spend time with him. She then has to reassure him that she does love him, does want to be with him and that everything is ok.What he does not realize is that it was “his” jealous behavior that caused the relationship to end, it was his lack of trust in a relationship and not her desire to spend time with friends and partake in healthy activities without him at her side from time to time. A big part of the problem here is the clear lack of trust you have. If you do not trust a girl not to cheat on you, you should not be in a relationship with her. This is true whether or not she is actually cheating on you. Your lack of trust will destroy the relationship, and make you both miserable.One of the reasons he have the distrust is because deep down he feel unlovable; he feel that he lack what others have that makes them more desirable than him. So he needs to focus on loving self more. This will take time, but will work wonders for him in the future. Rather than trying to make u love him more,he must focus on loving self more.his  the best way to stop his woman from ever wanting to cheat on him is to fulfill her every need, and to not do the things that will end up driving her to look elsewhere for happiness, like being jealous and controlling.The truth is, jealousy can literally force your partner into an affair. It usually leads to a self fulfilling prophecy – men become jealous because they fear losing their partner, and in turn start acting in ways to drive their partner away and cause the very thing they fear.tell him "Change your behaviors and actions before they push the woman he love away now.Being jealous for no reason has nothing to do with "caring too much". It's about his own low self-esteem. If he had any confidence, he wouldn't be wasting his time constantly worrying about what his gf might be doing when you aren't together. And a person who is innocent is going to get tired of dealing with unreasonable jealousy.tell him to ". Put all the energy into building his personal and emotional security.No family, no friends it will get to the point she can't leave the house alone.It maybe that he's the only one that wants to be with u

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How to Deal with Jealousy/How to Make One Jealous

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