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Good day
With reference to the issue of jealousy, I have the following question. By no means, am I a jealous person- so i dont consider myself to be suffering from this issue. It is just that I have seen people who have exhibited jealousy and had the following question on jealousy.
What is the root cause of jealousy and why do some people get jealous while others don't. I have studied male-female relationships and tend to believe that in general men get jealous if their female spouse is unfaithful and women get jealous if their male spouse is giving resources to other females or external parties. While there may be exceptions this seems to be the general trend in male/female behavior.
Nevertheless I would like to understand what is the root cause of jealous  behavior and what causes one person to be jealous whilst another not feel jealous. What does jealousy say about a person and why do people get jealous.

S. Mahabir
Miramar, Florida

Very interesting question.
First, jealousy seems to be as powerful as it is an antique emotion. There are books and stories in various religion and plays about murders, suicides and wars driven by jealousy.  

I believe that jealousy is one of our natural and very powerful motions stemming from possessiveness - our desire to have something special and not share it - whether it's land/property or special connection with another person who we love.  


How to Deal with Jealousy/How to Make One Jealous

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