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Patricia wrote at 2009-01-11 20:43:12
I don't believe it's strictly due to your own personal insecurities, when you are jealous over a boyfriend being obsessed about something fake. I believe if the obsession is interfering with time spent with your significant other, or even in general conversations, you have every right to be bothered.

Every day talk between you two, should not include the new outfit his favorite singer wore at the music awards, or what have you. When it does, there is a problem.  

yulia wrote at 2012-12-05 18:09:39
I don't agree with Helen.  Someone who keeps pics of another woman all over the place whether she's famous or not is wrong.  It shows that he's putting someone else above her. A fantasy every now and then is fine but when it becomes an obsession that is too much.  And she is not being immature because it bothers her.  It's very natural for it to bother her and the bf should get rid of the photos. If it had been a non famous woman would the girl still be immature?  

How to Deal with Jealousy/How to Make One Jealous

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Jealousy is a universal problem, which, many times, leads to other, worse situations. Do we all have a "jealous bone" in our bodies? Is it controllable? Is it rational? When we feel that `jealousy` begin to grow within us, does it make us feel good or not so good? Let`s talk about that.


I have been subject to jealousy and been exposed to jealousy. As I have gotten older and become more self-assured, I have seen a direct correlation between my self-confidence and my jealousy. When I feel good about myself, and realize my limits, I no longer feel the "rage" of jealousy building up within. I know that I cannot do everything well, but I have some skills which I can perform quite well. I am not the best looking person in the world, but I am not ashamed of my appearance, either. To realize that everyone is basically just like me, having some great attributes and some not so great, makes me know that wishing to be(or being jealous of) someone else, is like wishing that we could go back in time. Maybe it would be fun, but it is absolutely impossible to do! So why not enjoy who and what we are now?!

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