How to Deal with Parents Interfering with Your Relationships/My girlfriend's overprotective parents


Mike wrote at 2013-09-23 20:30:49
I think should think so your dating a child go with someone your own age :/

How to Deal with Parents Interfering with Your Relationships

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Emma Elizabeth


I can answer any questions on how to gain more freedom from parents, whether its based on trust issues or the person your seeing. However I would like to point out that this isn't about deceiving parents into letting you have more independence this is about working through issues you may have with your parents, they may have with you or may have with someone your seeing. When asking a question make sure you add detail! Every situation is different and the more detail you add to the question the more specific the answer will be!!


I am 19 years old and have grown up with very protective and very strict parents and now have my own freedom and independence through showing them I am trust worthy and that although they are just trying to protect me, sometimes teenagers need to make their own mistakes and grow from them and at the end of the day need their parents to be there for them if it does go wrong.

I am a distinction level college student about to start university.

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