How to Deal with Parents Interfering with Your Relationships/My mom doesn't like my boyfriend.


lauren wrote at 2013-01-06 09:32:49
well, as hard as it may sound, i would put a stop to your relationship with him. Mum's normally know best and i know you head over heels about him and really really love him, but it is time to make a crucial dessison to make but you need to stand by what your mum says, i have been in this exact postion but expect it was my dad, my mum and day found out about me having sex with him and they made me split i mean i was head over heels with him but i had to do what was right, and i though breaking up with him would be the right dessison, and know we are like best mates:)

How to Deal with Parents Interfering with Your Relationships

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I'm young but I've had my own struggles with my parents trusting me, not to mention that up until a little while ago they were still very controlling, so naturally I read a lot on the subject because I was concerned my friends and boyfriend were turning away from me. Eventually, I managed to solve my own problems with them.


Been there. Trust me.


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