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olivia sean wrote at 2012-12-12 02:32:33
Hi Mary, i just came across your email.i am not an expert on relationship but i was in the same situation a year ago. This guy that happened to be my boss had shown all the signal right from body language to teasing and whatever he could do within the the regulation that he likes me. But i was as confused as you are i could not figure out he likes me or he likes me because of my exceptional work and i never had a nerve to ask him even though i liked him too.unfortunately he was laid off. i don't have his contact number and i don,t think he has mine. But now i miss him so much and realized he is actually in my all feelings and i want to tell him how i felt about him. Life give one chance to every one its up to the person to use it or loose it. I lost it. Forget about he thinks about you. if you like him don't waste time just clear the fog. you will feel soooooooooooo good! good luck!

How to Deal With Relationships in the Workplace

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I can field questions related to employee-employee relationship issues as well as employee-manager relationship issues.


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