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I work at a grocery store stocking in the dairy department but lately I've been put on the front end to bag because we're short handed. There is this really attractive cashier that I usually end up bagging for and would like tips on how to talk to her. I would try to coordinate breaks but when you're on the front end you don't really choose when you go on breaks. I know her (introduced myself) and she knows me we say hi and I've helped her find some things in the store. Problem here is that it is hard to talk to her when we're working and I don't really have other opportunities. She's pretty easy to talk to when she isn't on the register (putting shop backs away etc.) but when she IS on the register she is very unreceptive. She just looks like she is having the worst time while checking even when there isn't any customers in her lane. I don't normally have difficulty talking to anyone but even getting a smile from her while she is checking is like pulling teeth and it makes it kind of difficult.

Hi Robert,

From what you said, it would appear that approaching her in any way when she is at the checkout
register is not the way to get this young lady's positive attention.

That being said, catch her when she's not checking.  Talk to her when she is putting shop backs away  or, if your hours coincide, as she is coming to or going from work.  Be friendly and smile at her whenever possible.

When you do have a few minutes with her away from the checkout counter, ask her if she would like to get together for lunch (if your lunch times coincide), after work for coffee or a burger or a drink or before work for coffee.  Another alternative is to let her know you'd like to get to know her better when you both have more time and ask for her phone number.  If she gives it to you, call her when you're both off work and have time to chat.

Take care.  I wish you well.

Alice J. Bogert  

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