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How to Deal With Relationships in the Workplace/What do you do with this email by your staff?


As a new manager, Iíve just had this new problem.

After I refused a request by one of my staff, he replied to me and cc my boss, HR department, our company lawyers, his union to show his protest. Of course, most of these recipients do not know what this is about.

Should I send a reply to all of these people to clarify and reject his allegation? Or should I just keep silent?

What will you do in this case?

Thank you

Hi Liam,

Since you didn't include his email reply to your refusal, I don't have all the information necessary to give you a proper response.  If you are able to send me his email reply to you, please do so and I will reply promptly with what I think is the best response.  

Thank you,

Alice J. Bogert

How to Deal With Relationships in the Workplace

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