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Malik wrote at 2015-02-18 07:07:42
Sir I am not agree with your answer. Hand practice is totally link with your harmouns and your body strength.

If you do hand practice lot of time then you see huge difference in your body.

Following are the changes in your body you will feel after lot of time masturbating.

1. Your skin will be soft

2. your penis root will be shrink means your penis upper part and below part shape will be different.

3. Shinning on face will be gone.

4. Strength will be gone and you will feel Exhausted.

5. Sperms will be decrease and your cum will be like water that means sperms quantities has been down.


1.Dont masturbation ( Always try satisfy emotions with a girl)

2. Green Tea use ( Immunization system improve)

3. Briskly Walk every morning you do aleast 20 minutes

How to Deal with Sex Problems

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