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I'm a 21 year old female who has been sexually active for 3 years. I am currently in an on again off again relationship with a guy (he's the same age). We've been together for 2 years and I love him very much. However in the past year, I've had issues becoming sexually aroused. I'm just not into it very often. We keep things pretty interesting in that aspect, so it isn't for lack of trying. It takes a LOT for me to get into it, and the four play rarely lasts as long as I need it to (sometimes we get nearly an hour into all the before stuff). When I do become sexually aroused, it isn't until I stand up that the physical signs begin showing (I suspect gravity has something to do with that) so lube is a staple for us. It embarrasses me, so I usually end up just faking it and praying that it doesn't last long. It bothers me that I can't enjoy being intimate with the person that I love. What could be the reasoning behind this, and is there any way that I can fix it?

it's a process of elimination; you can start by seeing an endocrinologist to evaluate hormones; then, ask yourself if things have changed in your life--are you taking any medications, is there more stress?.finally, consider the relationship, in and outside of the bedroom; embarrassment of any kind doesn't help intimacy; also, some lack of total honesty seems in play--not good; time to have an open, honest dialog with him as to the situation; hopefully this will lead to a better mindset, and you can begin to communicate to him what you feel you need to have for a more satisfying lovemaking experience to return..

How to Deal with Sex Problems

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