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How to Deal with Sex Problems/excessive stamina & loss of sensation during sex


hi there. My boyfriend and i are both 28.
He is a short but skinny guy, not too skinny, just a high metabolism
He has a few medical issues... Old neck injury (no coushin between c3 & 4), old knee injuries which flare up occassionally.
Now, he has no problem getting an erection. His problem is excessive stamina and sometimes he looses all sensation during sex but stays erect. He says there are many times it feels as if he is going to ejaculate but then the feeling passes. The sex is pleasurable for me, but i know he is becoming increasingly frustrated with the loss of sensation. He says wen we start and for majority of our sessions he can feel everything and its great but then he looses sensastion and he literally cannot feel anything. He walks away without having ejaculated and feeling dejected.
How can i help him? Is there a cause for this? Is there a treatment for this? Is there something i need to do?
Please help

Hi Caryn,

I am sorry for taking so long to get back to you.

There are two possibilities that occur to me.

A nerve injury could cause those kinds of issues, however, the injury would probably be in the lower back or pelvis areas.

More likely is that the penis is being over stimulated.  after a while the nerves simply say that it I feel nothing.  This issue will cause a lack of sensation and a difficulty in reaching orgasm.  This is more common among uncircumcised men.  The head of the penis becomes overly stimulated.  You can test this theory by masturbating him with out touching the head of the penis.  There is an area on the bottom side of the penis about an inch behind the head that is sort of like the G spot for women.  A little stimulation there, a gentle rubbing, and you will get an orgasm for most men.  This will tell you if orgasm is the problem or the stimulation.  I know this sounds counter intuitive, however, applying a desensitizing cream to the head of the penis might lower the sensations enough to achieve orgasm.
Lastly you might try changing positions to find one that works better for both of you.

Good luck,

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