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How to Deal with Sex Problems/Can I be pregnant? I'm so sorry to ask you this but there are no experts in the other category :(


QUESTION: For the past few weeks, me and my boyfriend have been messing around only on Wednesdays. Um he pretty much just ate me most of the time and I sucked his penis. He fingered me once or twice I believe but it was only for a couple seconds. Am I pregnant??? Please immediate answers :((((( I don't have a set time for my period but it usually comes on between the 16-20 and it's the 26 and it hasn't come yet. Idk if this is relevant but I had a throat problem last week and I was taking antibiotics plus I had a pressure of 145/77. Um I took a pregnancy test yesterday too but it was negative. I know I'm probably not but seriously why haven't I seen my period yet? I've never missed but I always been sort of irregular.

ANSWER: Hi Nicki:

If he did not enter your vagina with his penis or ejaculate in you or on the opening of you vagina, there is VERY little chance of you being pregnant.  Somehow his sperm has to find a way into your vagina for you to get pregnant.

You sound young, and as someone just entering your puberty, the periods can vary quite a bit.  I would not worry.

Have a great day,

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QUESTION: Well i'm not that young :( I'm 17 and I've had my period since about grade 5. I'm very well developed. Actually I'm in college as well. I'm from the Bahamas and 17 is the age to graduate high school. But anyways back to my question, do you think my period would STILL vary at my age considering how long I've had it :\ ???

Hi again,

17 is still pretty young.  Stress, illness, there are a lot of things that can delay a period.  Or even cause one to be missed altogether.  Take a deep breath, relax, unless you got sperm into your vagina you are not pregnant.

Have a great day,

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