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Hey I am a 17 year old male ab to be 18 have never had sex :( but right now my problem is my dad just remarried and I live with him his wife has a 19 girl who also lives with us the past few weeks she have been trying to get me to sleep with her she has been doing things like grabbing my privets she walks in on me taking showers and when r parents go out she walks around naked it's hard not to give in she is VERY sexy but how wrong would it be she not my real sis and we both get something she gets what she wonts (me) and I won't be a virgin any more

the main thing to worry about is how this ends; no matter how ugly it could get, this is someone you have to LIVE with; if she gets pissed off for any reason, like you wanting to stop the sex and she doesn't, you can't run and, if you can accept the possible consequences, then go for it, but there ARE risks, and you COULD regret your moment of pleasure..

How to Deal with Sex Problems

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