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hi, for the last couple of onths I have been experiencing extree tingling feeling in area above and around my clitoris n I get an urge to apply pressure on my private parts..... im not sure what this is ... even touching myself doesn't vulva stays engorged and my clitoris is exposed without being under a hood n plus I release a lot of sticky fluid. ive read something about pudenal nerve entrapment etc but I really cant be sure.. please can u tell me some techniques or exercises which would lessen this tingling feeling or relieve the pressure

Dear Fatima,

There are women who, during their fertile period experience certain type of feelings around their vaginal area due to surge of hormones (estradiol, progesterones, etc.) because the body is preparing for sex.  It is accompanied by vaginal wetness in which the fluid is a clear, smooth and has sticky feature. Sometimes the whole vaginal area would appear just a bit bulging (noticeable but not that prominent.)  I hate to make a comparison, but that situation is fairly common among female lower animals during estrus (mating) season.

If you are experiencing it between 12 to 16 days after the first day of menstrual period, this might be your case and should not cause any major concern.  Normally women who experience that found it relieving to have sex with their partners.  But of course if you decide to do that, you have to consider its personal, social, emotional and possibly moral boundaries of the act.

But if the whole vulva is irritated, you are experiencing pain and if the fluid has a foul odor, I suggest that you see a gynecologist to help you medically with your situation.

Good luck and God bless.


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