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How to Deal with Sex Problems/low sex drive and weak erection


QUESTION: Hi, i am 29 years old, a month ago, i was so into sex and was so super horny. I have a new girl friend and we have had good sex, but 3 weeks ago, i started feeling low sex drive and a week erection anything i want to have sex. This is the first time it has happened in my life. I am not on any medication, i have been assessed by my G.P and i am alright. Please bear in mind i started using Hairmax laser comb about 3 months ago to grow my thinning hair but i have never used propecia or minoxidil... Please can you help?

ANSWER: Hi James,

Has anything changes in your life, any added stress?  Are you feeling depressed?  No injuries?  At your age Testosterone should not be an issue.  If you are not taking any medications for blood pressure or depression and are not stressed or depressed about the only issue that could cause the problem is psychological in nature.  If the issue is more than a passing thing you might look into a therapist.  But first, relax and take a deep breath.  Take the pressure off yourself and just enjoy.

Good luck,

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QUESTION: Thank you for your answer, i am actually not on any medication and i am not stressed or depressed. I just finished a masters program and got a distinction in it and i have been on a holiday for 2 months, so i am not stressed at all. I read on the internet about psychological E.D and read some articles talking about using viagra or cialis for a while to get over it. Should i do it and see how it goes? or should i just continue my life. Is there such thing like temporary erectile dysfunction?

Hi again,

Assuming you are healthy and not suffering from heart trouble or high blood pressure, Viagra and the like are pretty safe.  For them to work you still have to be aroused, turned on.  Your condition may correct itself in time.  If not then a therapist should be an option.

Good luck,

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