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How to Deal with Sex Problems/I don't like sex with my husband anymore


I am post-menopausal and I have lost my sex drive.  My husband is a few years younger than me. We are in a pattern of having sex once a week - mostly me giving my husband a hand-job.  I don't enjoy sex any more and when I turn him down, he gets very upset.  I love him dearly, but just not attracted to him physically any more.  We have been married for 10 years.  It is hard for me to get physically aroused and lubricated. We usually use a lubricant if we have intercourse. I don't feel the need to orgasm most times, and having an orgasm once a month is fine for me.  I would be perfectly happy with no sex, but I know that is not gonna happen. He needs it more than I do. What do you suggest - I would like to have a normal sex drive - do you think hormones might be in order?  My husband takes Viagra to maintain an erection, but if I am not lubricated, intercourse is a little uncomfortable.  Any suggestions?

you couild start an open, honest dialog with him as to your feelings, and maybe suggest some different stuff, i.e. oral/genital, movies, toys, wherever your imagination will take you; he needs to be more attentive to what might stimulate you aside from intercourse; after that you could consider  a visit to the endocrinologist...after that, you're looking at the couples sex therapist..finally, it's quiet desperation or a new man,  since attraction usually isn't "negotiable.." it may sound harsh, but that's the reality of the situation;  

How to Deal with Sex Problems

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