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  I've been with my boyfriend for almost 5 years now. We met in middle school and were our first everything. Going into my junior year we broke up and I had sex with three other men. Eventually we have gotten back together and I am still his one and only sex partner. He knows about my past and I am ashamed of it. I've started to hate myself for it and cry on a daily basis thinking I am a whore. What should I do to stop myself from feeling like this? Am I that bad of a person?  I am in need for some advice.

There's other ways to look at this- you're taking it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too seriously.
First of all, sex is supposed to be fun, it's nice when it's an expression of love, but it is also fun, exciting, and
So what if you have had fun with other people while you weren't with him? It's your right to and no one can say differently.

2nd: just because he didn't, or says he didn't, don't mean that you're a bad person comparing to him- maybe he just didn't have the luck to find sex at that time, maybe he's more old fashion, maybe he did and just telling you he didn't...the bottom line is, it is not a big matter, it's fun, it was not cheating, cause you weren't together, so you didn't do a single thing wrong.

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