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Dear Doctor,

My name is Mutahir, i am 32 years old. I got married before an year back and is facing following problems :

1) My penis do not fully erected (semi hard / very soft) during intercourse due to which i face a lot of problem in insertion.

2) As i entered in my wife, I took about 8-12 seconds in reaching climax, due to which we are facing problem for our sexual satisfaction. The cum load is dense with yellowish color.

3) My size is 4.5 - 5 inches (when erect) with visible veins. I myself of the view that my size is also not upto the mark.

Currently i am using following medicines for the last 3 days :

1) Selenium 6x (20 g tablets)- 3 tablets 4 times a day.
2) Salix Nigar "Q" 20ml mother tincture - 27 drops 3 times a day
3) Lycopodium 200 (lycopodium clavatum) - 3 drops 3 times a day.

Here, it is pertinent to mention that i did masturbate before marriage, my masturbation frequency was two or three in a month.

Could you please let me know am i using correct medicines, if not please suggest me correct medicines as early as possible as i am facing acute problem in my marriage life.

Hello Mutahir,

There are medical questions you should be asking a doctor and I am not a doctor.  Check to see if there are any infections, prostrate issues, blood pressure problems.   You are checking to see why your semen is the color it is and to see if Erectile Disfunction is medically caused.   Once you rule out those issues then we can address the performance issues.  5 Inches is adequate to please a woman.  When you see a doctor you might ask about Viagra.  Otherwise premature ejaculation and failure to achieve a strong erection can be a psychological issue.  There are hypnosis programs that can help you achieve better erections and prevent the premature ejaculations.  We use Hypnosis Downloads.  They are in English.  If that is a problem you may be able to find similar programs in other languages.

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