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How to Deal with Sex Problems/Lake of sex desire in my wife


QUESTION: My wife 47 yrs. old, facing menopause from oct 2012. She has no sex desire at all. For the last 3 years she strictly avoid to touch her sexual organs ( she irritate too much ). I do sex 2-3 times in a month without her interest. So I do not enjoy. She don't want to go to the doctor because she don't want sex. On the net i found the homeopathy medicine Sepia200 (Liquid drops) according to her same and other symptoms. But I do not know how much dose should be given, some sites recommended 2 dose in a week for one month but how much drops should be in one dose. I want detailed advise. I want only homeopathic treatment. Any other advise for improving high sex desire in her ?

ANSWER: Hi Rakish,

I looked into Sepia200.  I was surprised to see it recommended for everything.  Migraines, arthritis,menopause... Everything.  I am skeptical of things that cure so many things.  The doses recommended were all over the place too. 2 to 5 per day to 3 once a month.  Again there does not seem to be any consensus.  When in doubt, take the lesser dosage.  If you are going to try it go with one drop under the tongue as a dose.  If after a while you see no effect, good or bad, you can up the number of drops.  But take it slow.   She should see a doctor there are hormonal balance medications that seem pretty effective.  

Another approach is hypnosis.   The folks at Hypnosis Downloads have some programs that seem to be  effective.  Check them out.

Good luck

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QUESTION: Respected Dr. Tom Blair,

Many many thanks for your earlier and very good response.

I am sorry to interrupt again.

Here you have advised 2 to 5 per day to 3 once a month, but I am not clear that 2 to 5 are doses OR drops per day ? If dose ( How many drops in each dose )
AND for lesser dosage - it can be repeated for one month again with less drops ?

I can try one drop under the tongue, If after a while i see no effect, than when can I give 2nd increased dose ? Is this process will continue till positive results ?

If I get positive response than doses will continue or stopped ?

Thankyou very much

Hi Rakish,

Dosage for Sepia is not clear.  You might try a lower dosage say 1 drop 3 times a day for a few weeks.  If you see no improvement up it to 2 drops 3 times a day.  I am not convinced that it will do any thing for you though.

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Good luck,

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