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My boyfriend and I have been in a steady relation for 3 years. We are even thinking of marrying next year. I have had a good sexual relation with him, not very frquent but not very infrequent too, say once a week. However there is something that is bothering me. Sex means a way of expressing my love to him, but recently my boyfriend told me sex for him is absolutely unemotional and detached from love. He loves me a lot and shows his affection n passion for me in many ways like holding, touching, kissing, hugging etc. However his drive for sex is not a lot. Partly i feel is because he is in medical school and works 13 hours a day and secondly because its so unemotional for him he doesnt feel the need to fulfill it. But my concern is, he is a guy, Dont all guys have desire? He could be depending on porn? Will I have a pathetic sex life? He does tell me when we have sex he enjoys it and loves me..but why doesnt he ask more? Why isnt it attached to his love for me? Why doesnt he want more from me? Is it because he is so busy? Im so confused. also he has admitted to watching porn. Just an FYI. Thanks for your help

the porn thing is usually a red flag; it certainly can "desensitize" emotions, and it can take away his desire if he's masturbating a few times a week; when you do it, does he spend alot of time giving you pleasure using his hands/tongue?..does he kiss you passionately during intercourse?..does he make you come? need to have an in person open/honest conversation with him, where all the fears you expressed to me are expressed to HIM; if he refuses to honestly address your concerns, you're with the wrong don't have to settle for less than you deserve...

How to Deal with Sex Problems

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